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Talk: pregnancy anxiety & postpartum depression (attached to the evaluation of the sub table) – Sohu health click on the top of the No.3 Hospital of Peking University can subscribe oh! ~7 1 January ~ obstetric series of science to meet with you ~ the theme of anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum depression with clever children this thing, said big say little. We care for pregnant women are mostly concentrated in the body, such as how to eat, how activities, etc., tend to ignore the psychological and emotional level of care. Even pregnant women have the same emotional indifference, behind the "murderer" change radically, always angry at the people around. Pregnant women’s mind in the end who understand? The psychological changes during pregnancy and postpartum are often the result of the combination of physical and social causes. Due to the influence of maternal hormones and social relations adjustment and other reasons, many pregnant women will experience changes in anxiety or depression and other psychological state, had anxiety during pregnancy, and postpartum with placental expulsion, hormone level decreased rapidly, or the more obvious signs of depression. Anxiety and postpartum depression during pregnancy are often different from those of psychiatric diagnosis and depression, and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum depression is a manifestation of the specific period of pregnancy and postpartum women. Anxiety and postpartum depression during pregnancy must pay attention to, which requires the understanding and support of pregnant women, family, friends, etc.. Maternal birth two weeks to a month, such as upset, want to cry, even want to hurt themselves or others etc., there may be postpartum depression, when family and friends to take care of these mothers, and mothers themselves don’t repress their emotions, should take the initiative to express their feelings, to find a reasonable the channels do not ease, hold in my heart. A case about postpartum hallucination auditory hallucinations can not ignore Amanda after a long 40 weeks +3 days and finally unloading! She said that the production of lying on the bed looking out of the window, there is a sense of desolation. Before the production of the warm, lively picture seems to be fixed in the distance, can not touch. After not long, the husband of the delivery room nurse Amanda called out, and he had a long talk. The reason is Amanda told the nurse someone standing on her right, want to hurt her. The nurse told her husband Amanda Amanda hallucinations, which is rare in the postpartum, for the family to pay attention to this matter, observe the Amanda behavior, more concerned about her, for her support. Amanda’s husband was very puzzled, Amanda the mood during pregnancy is good, occasionally play small temper can accept, no abnormal performance. Every time the seizure is also all normal, production is also very smooth, how would suddenly appear hallucinations? The hospital organized a psychiatric consultation, the final diagnosis was depression, psychological intervention, no drug treatment. After returning home, Amanda’s husband to help her relax, listening to relaxing music, by adjusting the breathing to relax. The children are dominated by families, Amanda and try to create a warm and comfortable environment. In the care of the family, Amanda slowly out of the haze". And when it comes to news reports, some suffer from severe postpartum depression:相关的主题文章: