Ten years after the impact of 90 people will be selected in the sports circle of Chu Chu top 3-drop dead diva

The ten year after 90 men sports circle will be selected the top 3 Zhu Ting Zhu Ting 90 endorsement of sina sports news according to China network reported that 2016 users selected Chinese 90 10 influential figures "officially announced, this year in their respective areas of ten 90 on behalf of the outstanding performance of the final selection, the sports circle this list to occupy three people Zhu Ting, Fu Yuanhui topped the list, ranked fifth, and the national football teenager Zhang Yuning ranked tenth. Zhu Ting held the top 2016 highest beat last year champion "China 90 10 influential people list is Chinese volleyball athletes Zhu Ting, this year China women’s volleyball team at the Olympic Games in Rio reversal won the gold medal, the biggest player Zhu Ting won the women’s volleyball is crowned the Rio Olympic Games women’s volleyball team MVP and the best main title, the Zhu ting in the Turkey Super League signed a high salary the world women’s volleyball project amounted to 1 million 100 thousand euros ranked second, after the South Korean star Kim, as one of the" soul Chinese women’s spirit ", Zhu Ting’s influence is obvious to people. In the second is captain TFBOYS Wang Junkai, Wang Junkai in last year’s "90 top ten influential people list, although this year the second relegated but cannot deny that his influence is big, early led portfolio boarded 2016 Year Gala, Wang Junkai in the hit TV series" green "performance in Yunzhi is remarkable, just over October the 17 year old Wang Junkai together with Zhang Yimou as its first international movie" the Great Wall "in the USA propaganda, sparked heated debate. Fu Yuanhui at the Rio Olympics with expression package become this year’s first net "the red boy" Li Haocheng ranked third overall, with the title track "the boy" debut, Li Haocheng instantly became one of the hottest year after 90, in addition, drew Zhang Yishan with this year the hottest network drama "Yu sin" ranked fourth, compared last year’s ranking rose to a position; and at the Rio Olympics because true, lovely and quickly became popular as "the first network promotion China red" and "the girl" Fu Yuanhui ranked fifth. 90 football teenager Zhang Yuning selected Zhang Yuning ranked 90 China football players of ten most influential people in the bottom of the country foot in a complete mess 2018 World Cup 12 strong Asian Cup achievement to enter Russia almost hopeless, Zhang Yuning was also by many netizens questioned, but it also reflects as the world’s largest sports football super attention and influence. Attached: users selected "2016 China 90 ten influential people" list: 1, Zhu Ting: born in 1994, Henan Zhoukou City, Chinese volleyball spikers, this year at the Rio Olympic Games won the women’s volleyball team MVP and the best main title, representative of "one of the women’s volleyball team spirit". 2: Wang Junkai, born in 1999, Chongqing, TFBOYS youth idol group captain this year in a drama "Yun Chi" costume role acclaimed, 2016 year Spring Festival evening show "happy growth". 3: Li Haocheng, born in 1996, Inner Mongolia Chifeng people, in 2016 the first singer, "the Divine Comedy Network youth" concert.相关的主题文章: