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The 21 day post seeking re employment: Red Mamba marshal Brown to teach high squadron – Sports Sohu Bonner is expected to re employment of Sanantonio red Mamba spurs old Matt Bonner has yet to find a new club, 36 Bonner on the end of the season without the Spurs team left the contract. He is looking for a new contract, Bonner said, will continue to survive in the league, would like to play at least another season. Red Mamba said: "there are many clubs interested, but not confirmed, many teams have said" I love Matt Bonner, but our team now no spare place, if have what change, he will be considered. " I still have time for the first game of the season." Bonner from the 06-07 season has been played for the Spurs, as long as ten years, won the championship two times during his career, the three pointer hit rate as high as 41.4%, he played 632 games in the Spurs, ranked eighth in team history, Bonner dedicated game style won the fans love. Coach Brown to coach high school team before NBA old handsome Larry Brown, aged 76, he wanted to continue coaching career in high school team person. The hall of fame as a coach, coach Brown is considering New York High School East Hampton, Brown last season at Southern Methodist University, which was at the end of the season with a contract until 2020, but Brown wanted a longer contract salary. As the NBA and NCAA champion coach, Brown thinks he can bring more ideas to the high school team, can help young players get more opportunities. Barnes had planned to return to the Clippers Matt Barnes had planned to return to the clippers, open a free kick in the summer, Barnes contact and doc Rivers, "and I was going to plan grams dinner on Wednesday, but I see them to sign Wesley Johnson on Tuesday, I told myself, well, the Clippers in the small forward position on the machine will be very small, but I still have to fight for." Last summer, the clippers with the 36 year old Barnes, Hois traded for Stephenson, Barnes then went to the Grizzlies, averaging can get 10 points and 5.5 rebounds, Barnes finally signed 2 years this summer to 12 million kings. (CHE)相关的主题文章: