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Gene era, how to correctly view gene detection – Sohu health of a more than and 50 year old woman was diagnosed with lung cancer after asked the doctor, I don’t smoke or drink, have a healthy lifestyle, all aspects of special attention, why would it have cancer? The doctor thought for a while and said, don’t you cook? Cooking fumes. "In fact, doctors forget the impact of genes on a person’s health." Beijing good party general hospital director Jin Xinlian told reporters, "in China, genetic testing has just begun to have this awareness, understanding and attitude of objective science we can not blindly worship, not a negative, especially in health examination." The director of good party Hospital experts Xinlian gold Beijing general medicine, MD, graduated from Bethune College of medicine, Yokohama City University in Japan in 2005 to obtain the degree of doctor of medicine. He was admitted to the General Hospital of Singapore in 2011 for emergency, general and burn training. Worked for many years in high-end international clinics, hospitals, has accumulated a wealth of experience in receiving international medical needs. Specializes in general medicine, internal medicine and digestive system disease treatment, and has a wealth of emergency experience. "Some people get the results of genetic testing and said, you are not saying that I will get cancer, how can I not ah. Some people say, you say I won’t, why I got." Dr. Wang stressed that the results of genetic testing in healthy people only to detect whether people will be at risk of cancer, but not as a clinical diagnostic criteria. The significance of gene detection is very important in some diseases, such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer and so on. It can be found that family susceptibility genes, zero level prevention, delay the emergence of clinical symptoms. An American female patient doctor Kim admissions to his father Marie, 50 years old when he was diagnosed with early gastric cancer, MSH2 gene is positive. Marie at the age of 30 also do a gastroscopy and colonoscopy detection, have not found what the problem is, after she had done this gene detection, if the MSH2 gene is positive, indicating high risk for gastric cancer after her. A direct family members who have cancer, you should do a genetic test." Dr. Kim said, once found susceptible genes, it is necessary to carry out early screening. For example, the average person is from 45 years of age to do gastrointestinal screening, if there is a family genetic background, there are susceptible genes, it should advance to the age of more than and 30. If the patient was 48 years old with gastric cancer, first degree relatives had better start from the age of 38 to do gastroscopy screening and genetic testing." "A patient who has been diagnosed with cancer will be able to perform a genetic test that is useful for tumor classification and disease progression monitoring, and can be used for precise treatment." Dr. Kim told reporters, "such as leukemia, according to genotype to diagnose which subtypes, is conducive to the choice of treatment in the remission of leukemia; gene mutation detection, can judge the efficacy and prognosis." In Europe and the United States and Japan, the diagnosis and treatment of cancer has entered the era of comprehensive gene. A patient suffering from cancer, not only to do pathological diagnosis but also to do a full genetic testing, hair floor相关的主题文章: