The Afghan government and the armed opposition Islamic party signed a peace agreement draft

The Afghan government and anti-government armed Islamic party signed a peace agreement draft – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Kabul, September 22 (reporter on behalf of he Lu Shuqun) after more than a year of negotiations, senior Afghan peace committee and the country’s third largest anti-government armed Islamic Party in the capital Kabul 22 draft to reach a peace agreement, to achieve peace in Afghanistan an important step in the process. A senior peace committee chairman Ahmad and the Islamic Party delegation headed by Gilani? Mohamed? Kareem on behalf of their respective camps signed a draft agreement. This is since the 2001 overthrow of the Taliban regime, the first draft of the new Afghan government peace agreement with the local armed groups reached, will take effect after President Ghani and Islamic Party leader Hiker Mattia’s final signature. The Afghan President’s national security adviser Mohamed Hanif Atmar?? in the draft agreement said after the signing, the two sides can look forward to the early implementation of the contents of the draft agreement. He also pointed out that the draft agreement with the constitutional spirit of the constitution. According to its content, the Islamic Party in the future will be committed to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, in order to achieve the goal of lasting peace and stability. Kareem delivered a speech that day said: "today, the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the peace agreement signed by the Afghan Islamic Party, is the first step for achieving lasting peace and security take nationwide." He also called on other rebel groups to lay down their arms, stop fighting and work with the government to achieve lasting peace in Afghanistan through peaceful negotiations. However, Kareem also said that the Islamic Party will not stop fighting until all foreign troops leave afghanistan. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said in a statement on the day of the draft agreement welcomed. The draft statement says the Afghan government is ready to seek reconciliation with different armed groups. The Islamic Party is the third largest armed group in Afghanistan after the Taliban, extremist organization Islamic state, has been fighting with government forces and NATO led by the United States to fight. Analysts believe that even if the Islamic Party into the peace process can not end the war in Afghanistan, but also to encourage other armed groups to follow their actions to ease domestic conflicts.相关的主题文章: