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"The Bachelor" Baron Chen Biao play Scorpio girl Cui Zixuan freak – Sohu entertainment "the golden Bachelor" Baron Chen thought Sohu entertainment news for the hit series "love buddy" popular Taiwan actor Baron Chen recently moves constantly, to participate in the new network in mango TV "golden Bachelor" and 25 girls dating, gentleman Baron Chen double fun funny the charm of powder force, frequency Gordon hot search list. At noon on Saturday at 12, "golden Bachelor" and "fell in love with a man," the perfect combination, Baron Chen will be in the show again to restore their masterpiece in the classic story. "Love" in Baron Chen’s brother Du Zifeng and actress every kiss, "the golden Bachelor" the goddesses are hoping to be with Baron Chen to take the drama for the candidates, each extraordinary move down to Baron Chen, no regrets. Baron Chen was angry because Cui Yinglun kisses Cinderella Cui Zixuan again this week’s see Baron Chen and other goddess kiss cuyi, shouted "my sword", the relationship between the two in crisis again. "Love" buddy Baron Chen and starring the director to reproduce the classic plot goddess "unspoken rule" "love" premiered last year brothers continue to praise, today launched a year so that the heat is still unabated, Baron Chen announced in the mango TV "golden Bachelor" dating, fans have shouted Megan Lai, hope she made a declaration of sovereignty. As a real love reality show, "the golden Bachelor", also let users see the funny and romantic Baron Chen. This Saturday at 12 am about to be updated in the program, Baron Chen invited the goddess of the three, will play with their own to restore the fall in love with the man in the ambiguous, confessions, leaving the classic fragments of the three of the sixth. This programme for ShangHai Railway Station last period, the goddesses are hoping more contact with Baron Chen, there are a lot of company also play, so are eager for a kiss, for the most obvious advertising discourse, the goddess has exhausted the means, seize the opportunity, the goddess of contradictions. In order to show up with Baron Chen and also joked Baron Chen Chen guide, hoping to be a goddess of unspoken rule, even put relentless hope in Shanghai last time can have close contact with Baron Chen, Baron Chen threw himself. Kissing Cui Zixuan freak shouted angrily "Arnold Baron Chen card" maintenance of Megan Lai in Sanya last period, because Cui Zixuan Cui Yinglun kissing Baron Chen Cinderella’s words "a little love Baron Chen", although to Shanghai after the misunderstanding, but in Saturday’s show, Cui Zixuan again jealous, angry outburst on the spot. The goddess Baron Chen and other investment reduction scenario, Baron Chen slowly close to the goddess and kiss, Cui Zixuan angrily said "my knife", "no kiss up", and attempts to kiss down in Baron Chen, Cui Zixuan also excitedly called "card", then it is angry angrily left the scene. In the following stages, Cui Zixuan also forbear temper, and Baron Chen also denounced the contradictions, on the spot Megan Lai’s "Arnold so why, go to retain", Baron Chen Cui Zixuan asked "are you sure to maintain a friend say to her?" At 12 noon on Saturday, mango TV "golden Bachelor", Baron Chen and the relationship between the crisis will be how the Cui Zixuan.相关的主题文章: