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UnCategorized Competing with larger businesses seems almost impossible when you are just starting out. Trying to foster business growth, when the competition has more resources can be discouraging. The temptation to close up shop and surrender can sometimes be overwhelming. However, a bigger business is not always better. You can still establish a strong customer base, if you give the best of the best in customer service. To give awesome customer service, you will need to do two specific things before you can be successful at being the best of the best. First, you need to put your bottom line on the back burner of priorities. Of course, as a businessperson, you will always be concerned whether you are making a profit. However, your main goal is to become a positive force in promoting your business, regardless of the product or service provided. Many potential customers will be coming through your doors simply out of curiosity. Your job is to give them a reason to stay. If you are more worried about the day’s profit margin, the people will know. But, if you can show them that you genuinely want to provide the best in service and sales, you will be more likely to see the same people coming back at a later date. The problem most new entrepreneurs face is knowing when you are providing the customer service worthy of drawing people back, like a strong magnet? The fear of competition from the larger businesses, which have greater resources, can often make it difficult to discern whether you are accomplishing your objective. So, in order to become the best of the best, you are going to need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. When you walk into a new business establishment, what services would you expect, if the proprietor wanted your repeat patronage? What makes a buyer want to return as a loyal consumer? Why would people be willing to give up some amenities, or possibly pay a higher price than the big stores, because they have decided you are the best of the best in customer service? Consider this list: 1. A smile and a greeting when entering the store 2. Always ready to help, but without sales pressure tactics 3. Being willing to negotiate a sale 4. Amicably resolving issues that might arise 5. Keeping your word 6. Taking time to celebrate and letting customers know how much they are appreciated 7. Learning names, so when they return you can greet them personally 8. The list goes on . . . You undoubtedly can add to the list. You simply consider the perspective of your customers, and go serve as you would like to be served. As a result, your faithful patrons will keep coming back because they believe in you, not because you have gimmicks and slightly lower prices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: