The Chinese culture is implanted into the new education Jinan University, the new training camp is a roxane hayward

The Chinese culture into the freshmen of Jinan University freshmen education training camp with human culture zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Guangzhou in September 29, (Guo Su Yunsheng) Guangzhou Jinan University freshman training camps closed the ceremony and welcome party 29 held in the school hall. Nearly two thousand people participated in the event. Jinan University has the largest enrollment outside of China, known as the overseas Chinese academy". From the beginning of 2012, the school combined with the characteristics of oversea students, from the education mode of college freshmen overseas created the first mainland freshmen training camp, the freshmen do not have military training, a 9 day newborn Education — but to participate in training camp. Over the past five years, more than 30 thousand students have completed the transition from high school to college. It is understood that this year’s new training camp in the design of "Chinese etiquette forum", learning and experience Nanquan, dragon and lion dances and other traditional cultural theme activities, the Chinese traditional culture education into new education, let mainland students feel the connotation of Chinese culture, but also to Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan Overseas students to understand the broad and profound Chinese culture. "And how" also known as the "Southern sixteen", by the Jinan University Institute of physical education teacher, former National Wushu athletes Pan Dong and national Taijiquan champion Lei Gan creative, planning for a year, nearly half of the arrangement. Pan Dong said: "we have many overseas students earlier learned through the film, such as China IP MAN Wing Chun martial arts, the 16 type and fusion of Nanquan Wing Chun, Cai Liquan, Hong Nanquan boxing techniques, also make the students closer contact with south of the Five Ridges to the cultural characteristics of traditional Wushu boxing." From the Medical College of traditional Chinese medicine specialty Chen Haifeng said the students, the process of learning wushu made him feel very happy, he participated in two military training instructors, feels very serious sense of distance, and teach martial arts institute who let him feel very warm, like the old fellowlike brothers in the feeling of martial arts. "To the college to participate in and Nanquan learning, can not only through the team training methods, cultivate students’ sense of teamwork, enhance students’ sense of discipline, at the same time in the process of individual learning and Nanquan, understand the spirit of martial arts, to experience the essence of the Chinese martial arts." Qu Xiangli, director of College students. Military training is focused on the development of discipline and teamwork, freshman camp also attaches great importance to these qualities." Jinan University student community education management center director Hong Yi said that strict discipline in attendance training camp, set up a jump rope, tug of war, orienteering to cultivate the sense of teamwork. Different from the military training, the new training camp is a more diversified way, the students have mental health, safety awareness, cultural dissemination and other aspects of education. In 27 held a "Chinese traditional etiquette culture lecture, introduced Chinese long traditional culture history to the new, show Chinese clothing culture and invited students to try on clothes show, also set about Chinese culture and history of Jinan zhishijingda. There are foreign students training in three days to jump in Chinese dance, dragon and lion dance performances. Moss from Africa, said: "through this event to showcase Chinese culture相关的主题文章: