The Chishui section of the Sichuan river pilot comprehensive fishing on the Chishui river near

The Chishui section of the Sichuan river pilot comprehensive fishing on the Chishui river near   finally the fishermen – Sichuan channel — original title: Chishui section of the Sichuan river near the Chishui river fishing pilot comprehensive final fisherman fishing – Jiang Guisheng couple now are talking about environmental protection in the Chishui River, fishing is for ecological well, in order to life the environment better, we also support." For a comprehensive understanding of fishing, fishermen fishing that simple – comprehensive news, since October, every day is not suitable for fishing, fishermen Jiang Guisheng will go home to go ashore, the barren land to "reclaim". In the home also plans to build a large-scale pig farm in fishery and Fishery Bureau Director Hejiang Yuan Dachun introduced, the relevant departments of county and township government will further verify the basic data relating to fishing boats and fishermen, to ensure that the Chishui River fishermen ashore after successfully converting "sunny rain fishing net." Fishermen on the Chishui River are about to bid farewell to the normal life. In August 26th, the Ministry of agriculture, the Yangtze River fishery supervision and Management Office signed an agreement with the Luzhou municipal government, plans to complete before the end of the Chishui River Sichuan section of the transferring fishermen’s job, and strive to 2017 Chishui River comprehensive fishing. This is Sichuan province’s first pilot comprehensive river fishing. For the protection of fishery resources and aquatic ecological environment, 2003 national implementation of the fishing management system of the Yangtze River, including Chishui river. This is the fishing time from the extension of 3 months to 4 months. The implementation of the Yangtze River fishing system, aquatic resources, ecological environment, ecological civilization construction has played a positive role. In 2011, the Yangtze River fishery resources management committee said, the Yangtze River fishery resources and ecological environment has been carrying no existing fishing power, an urgent need to make some fishermen ashore. Therefore, to carry out the transfer of fishermen is a project. Once every thousand character pole height coming in mid October, Xiang Wa Fang Cun, Hejiang County Mi Xi outside the Chishui River, a small boats on the shore. Fishermen Jiang Guisheng’s wife in the boat while cooking, while for the new buy nets to plummet. Upstream of a few hundred meters away, parked in Zhou Huayu’s boat fishermen village. They rely on fishing for life has been more than 20 years. "The first Wangquan is their own organization, and to lead the drift and spent a total of two or three months." Zhou Huayu said, "the beginning of the main ‘long hook’, along the river a few kilometers." Thick nylon rope rope, a meter or so there is a hook, when it is dark, when the dawn of the collection, they can catch a lot of fish, mainly yellow hot. The first "hook" and under the net, he caught a few pounds of fish. "(then) a pound sold two or three yuan a day, there are dozens of blocks, a much stronger than." I walk through the water, from Hejiang River to Chishui is about 50 km, where production of crystal clear what Zhou Huayu fish. "To have a production of HA, up one day when I caught more than and 100 pounds." "As long as the authentic Chishui river fish, so many years never worry about selling." A fisherman, sometimes even ships have not landed fish have been booked. As long as相关的主题文章: