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The fill hole only to take "soul" to the end of the ferry! "" kneeling soul ferry starring Yu Yi (in) Liu Zhiyang (right) and Xiao Yin (left): unhaa (reprinted from the public, said: junengshuo can play []) big… Home… Good… Ah ah… Xiao Bian here to advise you that one: do not breath catch the "soul ferry 3" (especially at night) for! For! Really! The! Too! Tired! By! The screen is black, small series of heart is still OS: here is how to return a responsibility? Ah ~ the original is so ah! So what’s going on here? After finishing the season clues, Shundaizhao and Saul again before the two season, today finally have the courage to talk to you about this drama. "Soul ferry" series mainly narrated has a pair of eyes of yin and Yang Xia Dongqing and Zhao Li and the soul ferry nine days Xuannv. In a series of ghosts and related stories in life, at the same time, step by step to uncover the secret behind the holly eyes of yin and Yang, protect the whole story of the world. Review of "soul ferry" series, if the first quarter is amazing, then the second quarter is more than a few doubts, after all writers really buried! The! It is! Many! Pit! Who is sleeping in Xia Dongqing? What is Zhao Li’s true identity? What happened to Xia Dongqing’s eyes? What does that look like a big boss Japanese doll? Audience: face Meng group forced.Jpg so the professional filled pit "soul ferry 3" came into being. 13 set to see the small series only one thought: the first two quarters of the pit actually buried in the third quarter of a circle back!! The "soul" of the worship of the ferry screenwriter – small auspicious day down: he told us in action: hand dug pit, Lao Tzu is capable of buried back! Zhao Li – what is the true identity?   – the five random Hua period monks, and later made a deal to betray the Pluto tea become the ferryman – Holly child why not see? Because of his past life – his eyes akin to Zhao Li that was why Holly can see it – because Chi You’s soul possessed ~ – the Japanese doll is going on? Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s daughter Haoji, people want to really let people have to take this China conquest to fill the pit, let small according to the time line for everyone to carefully say ha ~ story, from the beginning God created the first batch of human…… There was no underworld, Tianzhu connected heaven and earth, and the day is also known as the "Kunlun Kunlun Mountains" are to educate people, and teach them how to communicate with God every day, until the world there is a mental illness to let people lose love, when the most noble love amber. When the human gods, and human beings and anger between gods, launched the first war, was a small transparent. The princes of Chi You defrauded human feelings, to help the gods made great victory.相关的主题文章: