The first 2016 China ancient zhuans Art Forum held in Beijing

The first 2016 China ancient zhuans Art Forum held in Beijing guests took guests sign guests sign 2016 first China ancient zhuans Art Forum held in Beijing on the afternoon of October 30th, Ma Zikai art museum. The theme of this forum is "heavy? – New China ancient seal construction and popularization of contemporary context". This forum is the eleventh session of the Chinese Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo West to distinguish the venue a series of activities organized by the "collection investment daokan", Beijing City, Xicheng District cultural and creative industry promotion center to provide support, Ma Zikai Museum of art, Beijing Xinyuan country group and other units jointly sponsored. Beijing Xicheng District Secretary Ma Xinming, Beijing City, Xicheng District Cultural Creative Industry Promotion Center Director Meng Pan, Ancient Chinese Literature Search contemporary art masters Ma Zikai, the famous writer Bian Yufang, the famous poet Feng Chu, Peking University Department of history of historical and Cultural Resources Research Institute deputy director Xu Han, "Chinese calligraphy" editorial director Zhu Zhongyuan, South Korean Foreign Language University Dean Meng Zhuyi, Chinese Beijing Ma Zikai art museum curator Wang Zhixin, in the dissemination of culture and art institutions Fubon chief strategy officer Liu Dongxing, Beijing Xinyuan country science and technology group Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhang Xubing and other guests attended the forum, experts and scholars from the United States, France, Italy and other countries to accept the "daokan" collection of investment overseas telephone interview, the expression of Chinese ancient seal art forum support. Active site active site active site guest speakers speakers speak according to organizers, the forum’s theme is "reacquaintance · new – China ancient zhuans contemporary context construction and promotion". Reacquaintance, is through reflection and discussion, to recognize the attribute of art and academic value of calligraphy; new, contemporary forms of calligraphy communication is based on comprehensive combing, the new one has a complete system of effective communication way. The general secretary Xi Jinping put forward to writing in the ancient text are alive, on the basis of refine, adhere to the historical, innovation, make excellent traditional culture displayed in flexible form. The forum is organized on the spirit of the specific practice. The guest speaker speaker speakers speak Beijing Xicheng District Secretary Ma Xinming at the forum pointed out that China traditional culture is the root of our nation and how to cultivate veins, roots, inheritance, let it grow into towering trees, is everyone’s responsibility. A very high status in ancient seal art in our national culture. The ancient seal art is not only a symbol, is a carrier China excellent traditional culture, we need to communicate with participation, and actively spread. "Collection investment daokan" playing advantages of communication media host China ancient zhuans Art Forum is a good topic. With Ma Zikai as the representative of the artists of inheritance and innovation of ancient seal art, it is to respond to the requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping mining, spread around the world call for traditional culture, contribute to the China culture "going out". Cultural and artistic creation is not the concept of the market, the need for heritage and training. Today’s young people are more and more alienated from the traditional culture, for artists such as Ma Zikai, in addition to artistic creation相关的主题文章: