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The first letter China – Sohu culture channel museum was established at Renmin University of China in October 26th, the first letter Chinese was established in Beijing Museum of Renmin University of China inaugurated, thousands of letters from the meta boutique "ruler John’s beauty of the Chinese traditional letter exhibition attracted visitors. This is currently the only ancient book exhibition, exhibition of the selected letters were written, one of the earliest in the Ming Dynasty, the latest in 2011. The exhibition part of letters Chen Duxiu, Liang Qichao’s extraordinary attention, is the treasure of the museum. China News Agency reporter Du Yang photo China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Ying Ni) in October 26, the first 26 letters Chinese Museum at the Renmin University of China inaugurated. As the museum’s treasure, Chen Duxiu and Liang Qichao Hu Shi in the permanent exhibition "letters ruler John beauty — China traditional letter Exhibition" on public display for the first time. The opening ceremony, the famous history scholars, Beijing letters by Fang Jixiao, Jiangxi local literature collector Zhang Shulin, Anhui local literature by Zhu Yingshou, Professor Chen Lidan, Renmin University of China School of journalism, Jilin city rescue team leader Ma Youlian letter were donated a batch of letters, diaries, letters to the reader in the late Qing Dynasty Chido museum. "The beauty — Chinese ruler John traditional letter Exhibition" is the latest achievement in a letter to the rescue since civil engineering in 2005 started the show, the exhibits were donated free of charge at home and abroad. The selected letters were written, one of the earliest in the Ming Dynasty, the latest was written in 2011, showing a total of 200 groups of real letters (pieces) 1000 letters, related to old photos 500, divided into the ancient culture of Ming and Qing Dynasties since the overview, letter letter letter, letter, and the Republic of China in 50s 60s and 70s, the reform and opening up, both sides letter letter letters from home and overseas, retain nine units from faye. Chen Duxiu, Liang Qichao, Hu Shi and other letters appeared in 2009 in the film market, after the NPC alumni invested 5 million 500 thousand yuan, the State Administration of cultural heritage, exercise the preemptive right, delivered the official collection of the Museum of Renmin University of China. This batch of letters is reflected in the "New Youth" Tongren on publishing policy differences and contradictions, from the side reflects the thinking track of Chen Duxiu from the democratic culture to salvation Communist political salvation, it has important historical value, which belongs to the national precious cultural relics. According to the vice president of Renmin University of China and curator of the Museum of Renmin University of China professor He Yaomin, from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of cultural relics in the museum for the record, is more than 5 letter letter, presided over the national emergency civil letter letter under the project, culture research center, the collection, protection, research and display, carry forward the traditional letter of cultural heritage as its mission, is committed to building Chinese letter archives center and letters, family, tradition of cultural heritage base. (end)相关的主题文章: