The German Cup recommended guaranteed home court armed Yongming hornet – Sohu

The German Cup recommended: guaranteed home court armed Yongming hornet – Sohu game time: 2016 10.27          Thursday   02:45: 0.92    asian handicap   Dortmund       2.25            Berlin; 0.84; Europe Index: 1.08      8.00    & nbsp; 15 match Preview: week five time league domestic cup launched this week, the German Cup also entered the ring for second. Dortmund recently suffered injuries, the League lost one after another. Last week they a tough draw with Ingolstadt, the German three rounds extremely ranking has dropped to seventh place. The German Cup although they took home court opponent only, group B league team, but the Hornets state is not stable, especially it is difficult to be assured of defense, the last 7 games the team has conceded that the team to return to winning ways, must be grabbed from the defense. Berlin United long live the B League this season, a large outbreak of League zhanba 10, team 6 wins 2 flat 2 negative results, the team also temporarily ranked second in the standings. This season the club goal is the impact of the league, the team does not want to drag on the cup, and in the face of the Bundesliga BANBA Dortmund team, pass the little hope, estimated that the game the team will be a large area of rotation. After the game handicap institutions out unified handicap, Dortmund home court let disc 2.25, from the data analysis, there is great gap between the two sides, the market outlook back plate to 2, simply because Dortmund recent trend caused by dim odds. Now many large institutions back plate, but their high degree of concern. In recent years, Dortmund in the German Cup heroics, may be optimistic about their victory tonight at home court penetrated deep dish. Half the recommendation: Ping Sheng, Dong Sheng, negative score recommended: 5:1, 3:0 (-2) Dortmund Beijing single game ball, SMG recommended: 3 let the ball Shengping Fu Dortmund (-2) recommended: 3 ball, SMG football did not let the ball, recommended: 3相关的主题文章: