The ” Li ” steal the love of the skin September 2nd heavy on-line entertainment – Sohu face gossip

The " Li " "I love" the skin of September 2nd heavy on the line – " Sohu entertainment horror film field; Li "! On the second day of the month, watch out for your skin! The suspense thriller network movie "directed by Min Taizhi Qiefu love" officially changed its name to "steal" the love of the skin, the fixed gear April heavy on the line. The most popular school season horror thriller network movie "stealing the love of the skin a few" version of the poster was released, which the entire Internet headlines after school favorite thing is training a few buddy together ghost stories, horror film, the "I love" skin completely on the appetite of young people on the whole, some version of the poster let users hooked. Chupin said friends films don’t imitate the movie plot in the school, otherwise the consequences! This allows many users have said bursting with curiosity, who’s afraid of "! " using field " Li " to scare you. Are you ready? On May Day, if you have a point, you will steal the love of the skin!相关的主题文章: