The net – Murray sent invisible eggs victory to reach the semifinals against Ferrell fellow (video)

The net – Murray sent invisible eggs victory to reach the semifinals of compatriots in the game and Ferrer Murray Murray humorous response won the best dressed award that was a joke Tencent in October 7th 2016 China sports tennis tournament 14 finals, the tournament will be a seed, Britain’s Murray 7-6 (9), 6-2 defeated his compatriot Edmond, successfully into the in the semi-finals, he will play the Spanish veteran Ferrell. Ferrell in the previous game in the three game, won the final victory with the German rookie of the game. The competition focus of the Wimbledon champion Murray continuous in the summer and the Rio Olympic singles gold medal, then his state has a certain degree of decline in the Cincinnati tournament and match performance are poor, then in the Davis Cup match was also injured troubled. This net due to the small German out of the race, Murray as the top seed appearances, the first two rounds were defeated Italy’s ceppi and Russia’s Kuznetsov game opponent today is currently ranked fifty-fourth in the world’s compatriot Edmond. The two players in the past only confrontation in the queen cup, Murray was a disc in three. Technical analysis Murray today in the number of ACE ball to 12-7 lead, double error is more than 4-2 opponents. A scoring rate and two scoring rate Murray are dominant. Break, Edmond game only completed 1 break, completed 3 break and Murray in the 5 break point. Project Murray (UK) Edmond (UK) ACE double ball error scoring rate 89%67% two scoring rate 50%47% total score of 83150 (55%) 67150 (45%) break the success rate of 35 (60%) 14 (25%) eight game replay first before the two sides were unable to break serve, only flat points 4-4. The ninth game of Murray after a smooth security, in Edmond’s serve two sides at 40-40 Edmonton, a solution of Murray winning differentiation inventory, then Murray back to the ball, Edmond grab back board. Murray because a lucky ball touches the net, again at 40-40, eventually Edmond Paul made a successful 5-5. The game into the eleven game, Murray rely on the two record ace guaranteed success. Edmond in his own serve to smooth the hair after two 6-6 after the war launched snatches 7 game showdown. Grab the 7 inning, Murray had to get a point after the error, while the by virtue of ace to lead the 5-2, but even after chasing the three points of two people 5-5. Then Murray sent out over the net because no chipping, multi shot duel Murray strong repression of opponents, Edmond lost a point again back to the ball. Murray Edmond once again grab back point, use 7-7 to serve! Edmond back to the ball under the net, Murray 8-7 third times to get inventory, the quality of the ball back to the ball, the score becomes 8-8! Edmond then back to the ball, Murray again won the count, but this is the backhand the ball turnovers, 9-9! Murray receiving change tactics attacking opponents, opponents ball nets, ushered in the fifth inventory. Finally Murray made his mark on a strong serve.相关的主题文章: