The number of bankruptcy cases in Hunan ranks the top ten in the country, and the number of employee hypersnap-dx

The number of bankruptcy cases in Hunan ranks the top ten proper placement of workers of bankrupt enterprises 841 thousand and 200       September 28th Hunan daily news (reporter correspondent Yu Zhenyu       Ceng Yan) today, the Hunan High Court held a news conference, informed the province’s court for nearly five years to the hearing of a bankruptcy case work situation and the typical case. Since 2011, the total acceptance of the case 728, and concluded 525, has a case involving enterprise with total assets of 12 billion 432 million yuan, according to the law to resolve the debt of bankrupt companies 68 billion 376 million yuan, the proper placement of 841 thousand and 200 workers of bankrupt enterprises. The number of bankruptcy cases and bankruptcy claims in Hunan ranks ten in the country.         according to reports, the Hunan High Court issued a "judicial guarantee and service for promoting the supply side structural reform opinions", effectively promote the bankruptcy trial specialization, standardization and legalization. Pay attention to the treatment according to the admissibility and orderly exit, support and prevent illegal legal exemption of debt evasion of debts, global interests and local interests relationship. Give full play to the advantages of the government in the placement of workers, maintaining stability, the introduction of strategic investors, policy support, etc., to minimize the risk of social stability. The province’s courts at all levels and the establishment of a joint meeting of the local state-owned enterprise reform system, to participate in the formulation of state-owned enterprise reform policy, coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the bankruptcy trial. At the same time, in accordance with the law to protect the interests of creditors, employees of bankrupt enterprises and bankrupt enterprises, pay attention to protect people’s livelihood.         Hunan High Court also formulated the "Hunan Province designated management work implementing rules", strengthen the selection, evaluation, guidance, training and management, the bankruptcy administrator role play. Compiled the name of the province’s bankruptcy management has been updated 4 times. Hunan court through the establishment and improvement of important information disclosure mechanism, the establishment of a professional bankruptcy trial organization, strengthen the guidance and training of the bankruptcy case, to ensure the quality of the bankruptcy case trial.相关的主题文章: