The only one without 22 of all its beauty – innovative BMW series wagon 2

The only one without 22 of its beauty – innovative BMW 2 series car you can’t believe, Baby a baby stroller, = buy a BMW car! A special lipstick for hot guys, just buy a car! And tide dad’s a brand tie, also = buy a car! Super intimate BMW financial courtesy, fashion is tailored to you! From now on, the purchase of innovative BMW 2 series wagon that there are a variety of financial options for you to choose, with the family, still make you cool, but also easy to start, can be described as 2 of its beauty! You borrow the "golden" Hi – ultra low for months, the annual flexible repayment date for as low as 17 yuan, every day to drink a cup of coffee, BMW 2 home immediately! Do not deceive you, now BMW innovation 2 touring Shoufu ratio 40%, loans 24, more flexible repayment once a year, the final allocation of payments one-time repayment pressure, and repayment amount according to the actual situation can be adjusted flexibly, effectively improve the utilization of funds for you, you just set up the family, both can you effect optimization overhead, and can accommodate free family happiness! In order to innovate BMW 2 series wagon 218i, for example, the down payment is required to pay $94760, loans for 24 months, an annual repayment of the year, the annual repayment of $69649, for the month as low as $499, only 17 yuan for daily! Easy to optimize the use of funds, a cup of coffee a day, immediately put the innovative BMW 2 series of travel home, with a lover of children! Yue loan "gold" Hi – elastic tail section, how would you also like to be more inclined to stabilize some of the loan? BMW Yue loan financial solutions most understand you, in addition to allowing you to enjoy as low as 20% down payment, the repayment of the repayment of the diversification of the way, but also allows you to flexible repayment, calmly no pressure to buy a car. 24 to 48 months of free loans, low interest rates to 0.88%, more elastic balance can be adjusted flexibly the proportion of more new car replacement, the balance is postponed, or one-time pay off 3 repayment methods let you choose how to also do! With innovative BMW 2 touring 218i as an example, Shoufu only pay 47380 yuan, loans 36, 3609 yuan per month for the month, for only 120 yuan, retainage repayment can be selected according to the actual situation, the balance of the new car replacement extension, or one-time pay off, flexible way, don’t worry retainage! The "golden" super happy for capacity plan, to protect the car to win the most intimate one family’s favor, only you loan financial plan how can? Now, according to the Car Buying loan installment time, BMW month for capacity in all aspects can plan to protect the car the most intimate! The same with innovative BMW 2 touring 218i as an example, the loan period of 24, 2 years to pay for vehicle insurance as an example, compared to the previous loan when mentioning the need to pay the full amount of insurance, now only based on you loan financial plans and daily increase of 1 yuan, the vehicle insurance, even down to the key the security may be included by stages, namely low for the month to innovation BMW 2 series wagon easily drive home, but you can give TA comprehensive care! (:相关的主题文章: