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[] the recent weekly lottery betting arrangement three: focus on the large amplitude out analysis of 0 – 9 distribution map: group selection chart, number of weight distribution in small medium area, 1 yards, 6 yards out o 2, two yards out of solitary code. The next cycle of key anti small medium out. Small area 2 out of anti re code, area code is 5 m may open a large area adjacent yards, 8 yards about solitary code. From the date the trend on the adjacent solitary pass, the period from a neighbor two solitary combination, the more the weight of a combination of a neighbor a solitary, five code combination recommendation 24578. A chart analysis: 100 out of the 6 medium, small open prize number under periodic consideration, due to the small amplitude, the next value of large amplitude, pay close attention to 2 out of ten 2** Danma recommended location; this period falls on the trumpet 1, next to prevent large amplitude rise, about 2 Road No. open code, recommended a *5* Danma location; the smaller area opened 2, next to consider the large amplitude rise out, pay close attention to 2 number, recommended location Danma **8. Hot and cold state analysis: this period out of a strange even two combinations, the odd number out of the previous period, the next cycle optimistic about out of a strange even two sets out. Small duplex recommended "I + I + odd"; the 1 number out of 1, 2 out of 1 number, 0 number out of 1, the suggestion to consider three road 2 combinations; small, straight out of Pre Decimal anthology, a combination of slightly more than the next two a small, small duplex recommended "small + +"; 25, 28, 58, two yards were missing 40, 9, 17, 25 to two rate first out of high probability, considering 25 two yards with 4, 7, 8 a 3 note selected number. The recent group of three out of 994, 110, 141, 221, 232, 828, 004, the late anti group out of the group of three. And with the value and value analysis: the span opened at 9 points, the value and the area opened in small and likely cycle to issue optimistic in 15 at large, but also to prevent rose sharply to near 18 points, to 5, 6, 8 and the trend is most obvious; span, span this period out of the big span of 5, 4, 5, anti periodic 7 cross out, optimistic about the 5 and 7 cross. 16295-297 reference number: 258, 247, 249, 259, 748, 948, 759, 958, 459.  相关的主题文章: