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The reform of college entrance examination in Shanghai, regardless of the arts and Sciences foreign language 1 years test two times newspaper news (reporter Xu Qin Xu Ruizhe Peng Deqian) as one of the national examination and enrollment system reform two pilot provinces, Shanghai next year will be the first to implement the "3+3" new college entrance program. Yesterday, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission announced the 2017 college enrollment notice, as well as the Shanghai college entrance examination enrollment pilot program. Shanghai college entrance examination is a major highlight is the new exploration based on "two bases, a reference to the reform of the examination enrollment system, which is based on the unified college entrance examination scores, high school proficiency test scores, high school students’ comprehensive quality assessment information reference. Since 2017, Shanghai unified college entrance examination subjects for language, mathematics, foreign languages 3, regardless of arts. Among them, the college entrance examination language examination a year two exam, exam time respectively in January and June; foreign language examination is not a single set of oral, written and oral English test also includes; candidates in the college entrance examination, you can choose to participate in the 1 or 2 language examination, a higher score will be included in the college entrance examination scores. The choice of candidates to participate in the spring college entrance examination, the foreign language subjects as well as the results of the 2017 college entrance examination entrance examination of foreign language subjects. Where in accordance with the ordinary university enrollment examination conditions of the candidates, in November 10, 2016 10:00 to 12 16:00, in the "Shanghai recruitment hotline" (website) for online registration. Compared with previous years, in 2017 Shanghai college entrance examination on the time node in advance. In fact, Shanghai from 2000 began to implement the spring college entrance examination, trying to break the fall college entrance examination, a test for life pattern, to provide students with multiple examinations, multiple opportunities for admission. In 2015, Shanghai opened a new spring test pilot, apply object from previous graduates to graduate candidates, expand the coverage of. This year, the candidates in this month 22 days to 24 days by the "Shanghai recruitment hotline" website for online registration and voluntary reporting, each candidate can fill 2 professional volunteer, can be 2 majors at the same school, also can be the 1 different professional schools. According to the 2017 spring college entrance examination pilot program, held in January 7th next year to be held on the same day in the city’s unified cultural subjects examination, from March 4th to 5, held by the independent college test. Next year, a total of 23 pilot institutions to participate in the spring exam enrollment, enrollment for the professional characteristics of the national universities or applied undergraduate pilot. It is understood that the unified culture test subjects for language, number, outside, including Chinese 150 minutes, mathematics for 120 minutes, foreign language written examination (including hearing) for about 120 minutes, I heard the test for 20 minutes. Due to the 2017 winter vacation ahead of the spring enrollment examination, examination, voluntary reporting and other nodes than in the last year has been ahead of time, to draw attention to candidates. In addition, according to the "reference" program, University announced a comprehensive quality assessment of students in Shanghai using the information principle, test content, application scope and methods, which is the new college entrance examination is different from the traditional college entrance examination highlights. It is reported that the candidates in Shanghai education portal and the spring pilot colleges website "ordinary high school comprehensive quality evaluation of haze相关的主题文章: