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The streets of Yinchuan occurred two events   helping people is correct; the police that two female drivers innocent – Ningxia Channel – Ningxia News Network (reporter Hu Jun) if you meet along the way someone falls, is help or not? At the beginning of October, the streets of Yinchuan city two "Fu" event, eventually, the traffic police department for action is also well intentioned people to "clean". Scene 1: Tsui Tsui island BRT platform 100 meters east of the railway station, an old man’s face blood fell on the sidewalk, riding the electric car severely damaged. Some passers-by found a pickup truck driver picked up, left the scene. In this case, the passers-by in the old man to help deal with the injury at the same time, write down the license plate number and alarm. After the alarm, Jinfeng District Traffic Police Brigade of two the first time to investigate and deal with, through the "Liuhe" alarm system to check the pickup truck driver, please accept the investigation to the scene. At the scene, the police through a wide range of visits to understand the situation and the driver provided by the video recorder to restore the truth: the elderly because of the speed of the electric car ride into the road and fall. The driver is not only the perpetrators, but also the courage to help the people who have been unanimously praised passers-by. On the contrary, the old man in the police investigation has been silent, in an attempt to "muddle through" attitude in the face of the fact that he feel shy bowed his head. Scene two: the Yellow River Lu Mancheng street intersection 50 meters south, a 30 year old man riding electric car fell in the non motor vehicle lane, police said a woman driver drove the hanging down, asked the police deal with. Police arrived at the scene in 10 minutes and to carry out exploration work: according to the alarm people say, the car body on a old scratch scratch scratch evidence". In order to ensure the accuracy of the conclusion on the basis of repeated exploration police and widely visited the surrounding people, a roadside witness told the accident: due to the influence of others road cycling men fell to the ground when a car after the scene and did not touch the man, but the man found enthusiastic helping his driver to get off with it is responsible for. Another witness to the elderly, it is the man severely criticized education, and finally let it in front of the truth red face slipped out of sight. After the occurrence of such incidents, the traffic police department is an early exposure to both sides, then they are generally how to operate it? According to the Yinchuan City Jinfeng district two traffic police brigade police Cui Xingli introduction, because such things occur in people, traffic intensive areas, often the scene due to the traffic situation, witnesses left external factors such as mobile, or even change, only "the police", in order to effectively ensure the first hand is more close to the "raw data" the real scene. At present, the monitoring facilities coverage is limited, the police must investigate the extensive visits, in order to collect enough information to ensure the openness, fairness and impartiality. In order to make the police according to law, according to the treatment, let the positive energy to promote widely in the society, but also well intentioned people to "clean". Police remind the public, vehicle traffic recorder, personal cell phone camera, etc. can be used as a basis for determining the facts. In this regard, but also to the two people who dare to help the driver point praise! (Li Yanfen, Ma: commissioning editor sweet)相关的主题文章: