The wedding bride like Chengdu white cloth hanging gas to cry haywire

The wedding bride like Chengdu white cloth hanging gas to cry Ms. Yuan said the public with her husband in October 2nd wedding is a wedding company ruined. According to Ms. yuan introduced in April this year, she will own wedding package to the wedding company, when the budget is 10 thousand and 8, until the first half of the wedding, Ms. yuan was informed that the budget has become a 40 thousand and 3. Due to the actual price difference with the budget too much, Ms. yuan to facilitate the wedding company consultations, the final price will be set at 30 thousand dollars. This can be worth thirty thousand dollars wedding arrangements, but let Ms. yuan is very sad. Ms. Yuan said, "we have nothing to give them white, we hang up, there are white, much like do white matter ah, we are happy to do, and we also special emphasis on the first day but not white." Shot using a mobile phone from Ms. yuan family wedding picture we can see that in the wedding scene is arranged a lot of white flowers, and hung with white cloth. The layout of the site and the wedding company before the design is indeed different. For these, the wedding company responsible person Mr. Li gave this reply, "because we do is Korean wedding, Korean wedding is full of color, the color is all through the light all dyed champagne, it is". Before the wedding, Ms. yuan with the wedding company said the wedding should be white and champagne based, but not white flowers. Can be provided from the MS and the wedding photos show the white and no obvious champagne with light rendering like Li said, and a white cloth hanging in the corner. For this wedding, Ms. Yuan said the family is quite helpless. Ms. yuan’s husband said: "this has become a shadow of my life." Currently, Ms. yuan and her husband just want each other to give a statement, and as they apologize, but the wedding company’s attitude is very tough. Until 2 in the afternoon, when the Chengdu radio and television reporters left the company, the two sides did not reach an agreement, the two sides said the next step will be to protect their rights in judicial proceedings. Lawyer Jin Xinchao said that this is a wedding service contract, if there are provisions in the implementation process to be changed, it should be agreed by both parties. Even if there is no change, because of the particularity of the contract, it is a wedding, and our country and the nation to the atmosphere of the wedding, the color of the traditional culture to match.相关的主题文章: