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Through the reporter asked: why didn’t Liu Wei? Li Qiuping: he’s in Sichuan Li Qiuping calm command sina sports news Beijing on November 7th news, CBA in the fourth round last night, the Xinjiang team away victory over Zhejiang, won 4 consecutive games of the new season. Winning the game, coach Li Qiuping appears to be in a good mood. Just put forward, after a reporter’s question, but let him some dumbfounding. "We are in accordance with the layout of the game before the game, the other side can not have been so accurate throughout the second half of their hit rate down, we played well." Li Qiuping gave a short summary of the game. Subsequently, a reporter seems to be preparing for a long time, to Li Qiuping put forward the next question. "Excuse me, why didn’t Liu Wei go up today?" This problem had asked Li Qiuping to Meng, he paused for two seconds, then music, slowly reply to reporters, said: "Liu Wei in the Sichuan team." Reporters seem to be back at this time, quickly apologized to Li Qiuping. Li Qiuping didn’t answer, smiled and quickly left the site. Prior to the start of the season, the Xinjiang team did not choose to renew the contract with Liu Wei, Liu Wei signed a contract with the Sichuan team, the transfer left Xinjiang. The new season, he has become an integral part of the Sichuan team defender. (k)相关的主题文章: