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The forest wolf is the most reliable 4 years 64 million to renew the starting line – Downes partner   sports Sohu; Beijing on November 1st news, from the "YAHOO" sports reporter Samas Chalaniya reported that informed sources, the Timberwolves are with striker Gorgi Duhem signed for a period of 4 years, a total value of $64 million to renew the agreement in advance. This means that, as of now, the 2013 rookie a total of 7 people in advance contract. In addition to Duhem, the other 6 are the Blazers CJ- Mackler M, Bucks Ioannis – Ade Tor Quinn Bo, Denis – Schroder hawks, thunder’s Steven Adams and Victor oladipo, and Utah’s Rudi Gobert. A member of the 26 year old Duhem is regarded as the Timberwolves young team, the remaining members including Andrew virchis, Carle – Anthony – Downes and Zach lavin. Before the new season of 2 games, Duhem averaged 34.5 minutes, 13 points and 13.5 rebounds and 2 assists over 1.5 blocks and 1 steals. The news source said, the last 1 months, the Timberwolves management began with Duhem – tal agent Maher Ndiaye to sign a new contract. The last week, the two sides increasingly strong intention. Today 11:59 is the 2013 rookie early renewal deadline. Duhem is the first round of the 2013 twenty-first rookie, he has a certain skill on both ends this summer, but also to enhance the jumper and rebounding ability. In the opinion of the Timberwolves coach Tom – Thibodeau, Duhem has become one of the important plans for the future of the club. Luis Weil University won the NCAA championship in 2013, when Duhem was an important member of the team. Duhem was born in Senegal, height 2 meters 11. NBA career so far, Duhem played a total of 217 regular season games, including the first 105 games, averaging 24.4 minutes to play, to hand over 8.5 points, 7 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.3 blocks of data. (Jim)相关的主题文章: