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Anti-Aging If you ever thought that, you’re old enough to do something about it. Don’t get "older" and then wonder why things aren’t going the way they used to in your youth. There are a lot of different symptoms that can be a result of aging. A body begins to show effects of age usually in one’s thirties, and sometimes as early as late twenties. Here is a list of some of the consequences: Unwanted weight gain, Joint pain, Dizziness, Breast tenderness, Hot Flashes and night sweats, Loss of libido, Fatigue, Grouchiness, Hair loss, Sleep disorders, Difficulty concentrating, Memory lapses, Incontinence, Bloating, Allergies, Brittle Nails, Changes in odor, Irregular heartbeat, Mood swings, Depression, Panic disorder, Headaches, Burning tongue, Irritability, Pot Belly, Digestive problems, Itchy skin, Gum problems, Muscle tension, Loss of muscle mass, Tingling extremities, Disorientation, and High blood pressure. Men and women can both experience these consequences of age, although men are more likely to have hair loss and women are more likely to experience tender breasts and sweating. That should be an eye opener. And that’s not all the symptoms. Various individuals experience one or more of these symptoms gradually as they age. They can occur at different ages for different people. Other factors affect how swiftly or slowly the changes occur. Diet and exercise can help or hinder the process. But there is an actual physical process within the body that is the cause of these symptoms. What happens is the glands of the endocrine system slow down and gradually produce less and less of the hormones needed to control the processes of the body. Sometimes one gland will shut down while the others keep producing, which causes an imbalance in hormone levels. Both conditions cause symptoms of aging. Because hormone levels can vary from individual to individual, different people can experience different symptoms or more or less of the symptoms. But all of these conditions boil down to lack of hormones or hormone imbalance. The ideal solution would be to restore hormone levels of the body to the level they were when one was young. And that is a very workable solution, which brings about slowing, halting or even reversing the effects of aging. It has been proven to work in millions of cases. There are important facts you should be aware of before embarking on a quest for youth with hormone replacement therapy. Ensure the hormones you take as replacements are bio-identical hormones – that is hormones that are exactly the same as those the body produces. And testosterone and estrogen are not the only hormones in need of replacement. A physician who has experience in alternative medicine will be able to do the necessary lab tests to find out which hormones are lacking and the specific amount needed to replace them. You can live a longer and more enjoyable and active life. A doctor who knows this will work with you to correct diet and exercise in your life as well as properly administer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: