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UnCategorized There was this one story that people should know. This one is very inspiring and you should be able to learn a lot from this when you are in desperate shape right now because of the current problems in the economy. This involves one thing, keyword tool. It was Bob, a man with an experience in advertising. He had been working for decades in an advertising and marketing firm but when the economy fell back, he was affected. All the years he spent working for the .pany ended as the .pany closed due to bankruptcy. Bob among, the many others lost his job. But instead of .mitting suicide and wallowing on depression, he struggled his way through a new on line business and he utilized all his knowledge about .puters and how search engines work so he can fair well in that business. Some people thought he will never be able to make it. A lot of people are being pessimistic about the current state of the economy and they were certain Bob will not be able to survive and wallow on depression just like them. But Bob is a very clever person. He would not be risking so much if he does not know how to maneuver. He is after all, experienced in the field of advertising and marketing plus he had been doing this for years as he one of the web developers of their .pany. He was sure he had enough knowledge with him to withstand the storm. Using the keyword tool, Bob pulled his way through. This is a tool which helps him determine what keywords and phrases are being searched by researchers. The tool made him know which keywords and phrases he should incorporate in his web site. This made him land on top of the search engines result list. A lot of people saw his web site and was impressed by his content. He knows pretty well that people would be scanning the very first page of a search result and will not likely to browse through the next pages. He used this as his main guide to a new success. Experienced as he is in this field, he was able to get the keywords that people were searching for. He filled his web sites content with all these keywords and phrases. He is never .placent he used other tools too to determine where he is standing amidst the very tight .petition. A couple of months later, he was able to make a lot of money out of this business and is still making money out of it until now. All his detractors could not believe the way he is doing things. He is after all not as miserable as them. He can put a smile of satisfaction on his face while most of those people are wondering how he was able to weather the storm. What this people do not know is that Bob was just making the most out of what he knows the keyword tool and the Inter. was his best field. He utilized his knowledge and skills to alleviate the situation he is into. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: