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Vegetable & Fruit could relieve pain? These foods are so magical! Sohu (health experts: Wang Guizhen, a national nutritionist, a health management division, science China micro platform original episode) as the saying goes, people eat grain which is not sick! In life we are the occasional cold, headache the ailment is a normal phenomenon. Although all kinds of drugs in pharmacies and hospitals are available, but a lot of friends but not love medicine, that is the three drug, medication than diet, can also taste the taste of the food safety regulation in the body at the same time, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow. In life we often take all kinds of analgesic drugs often only temporary paralysis of your nerves, let you feel the pain, but the pain body can not be ignored, must be timely treatment to prevent the accumulation of small pain into big pain. In our daily life, there are some foods to meet the needs of the body, but also let you unexpected effect, perhaps you do not know some fruits and vegetables actually have the effect of pain. Such as ginger, mint, onions, peppers and other Vegetable & Fruit, if reasonably and skillfully edible, even pain relief effect. Let’s go and see the wonderful food! Editor: Liu Weiqiong相关的主题文章: