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Wang Jianlin in the Hurun list   Wang Sicong’s personal fortune 6 billion – Sichuan channel — original title: Wang Jianlin in the Hurun list in Wang Jianlin Wang Sicong’s personal fortune 6 billion Hurun list Wang Sicong personal wealth of 6 billion who is the richest person in Chinese? Yesterday, Hurun Report gives the answer. 62 year old Wang Jianlin and his family became the richest man in 215 billion yuan of wealth Chinese third times; Ma and his family at the age of 52 to 205 billion yuan ranked second; 45 year old Ma Huateng donated 13 billion 900 million yuan, still to the wealth of 165 billion yuan ranked third. But the biggest "dark horse" is the 46 year old Yao Zhenhua, personal wealth doubled 9 times, with 115 billion yuan rose to fourth, a China capital spokesman of the age of wealth. Since 1999, the Hu Run Institute has released the "Hu Run rich list" for 18 consecutive years, the threshold list for 4 consecutive years to maintain 2 billion yuan. A total of 2056 entrepreneurs wealth more than 2 billion yuan this year topped the list, list the number increase of 179 over last year, but the average wealth of entrepreneurs is slightly lower than last year. Wang Jianlin family to 215 billion yuan to become the richest man in China for the third time, and in one fell swoop to become the richest man in China, ranking the world’s top twenty-first in the world, the world’s top. Even 28 year old Wang Sicong personal wealth has reached $6 billion. Wang Jianlin in charge of Wanda business in September this year, from the Shanghai Stock Exchange delisting, plans 2 years A shares listed. Hu Run said, once the successful return of A shares, Wang Jianlin’s wealth is expected to reach 300 billion yuan, which was selected for the top of the world’s wealth of the top ten." Ma Yun is also a strong contender for the future of the richest man. This year, the Ma Yun family’s wealth grew by 41%. Among them, the valuation of the ant gold service reached about 400000000000 yuan; Alibaba over the past year, the stock rose more than 30%, becoming the largest market capitalization of the list of enterprises. Hoogewerf predicted that if the ant gold service can successfully listed, Ma Yun’s wealth will exceed Wang Jianlin. In the "170000 battle" in the famous battle of Yao Zhenhua, has become this year’s list of the biggest "dark horse", personal wealth doubled 9 times to 115 billion yuan, ranking rose to fourth, 200 more than last year. Hu Run said, "Chinese entrepreneurial wealth pattern has experienced five stages, from the initial to the manufacturing trade, to real estate, to IT, to the current capital operation. Yao Zhenhua is the representative of the era of capital." Some people are happy, some people worry. Last year the top ten millet technology founder Lei Jun and Wanxiang Group chairman of the board of directors of Lu Guanqiu had dropped out of the top ten this year. Among them, Lei Jun’s wealth has shrunk 30% to 65 billion yuan, ranking slipped to fourteenth. Affected by the impact of the stock price fell, Liu Chuanzhi also pulled out of the top ten list. From the list of the top ten of the industry distribution, the largest increase in the number of financial investment in the list this year, followed by the IT industry. The largest reduction in the number of manufacturing, real estate, clothing and other traditional industries. Among them, the IT industry accounted for the highest proportion of companies on the list, the average age of the richest youngest, the average wealth value is the highest. The wealth of the resources industry is the most相关的主题文章: