Warrior Manager Recruitment of KD they will uncover Curitiba insider can resonate-actv

The warriors curry recruited KD manager exposing Insider: they will resonate in the process of recruiting Durant curry played a significant role in the sina sports news Beijing time on September 14th, according to U.S. media reports, the Jinzhou braves general manager Bob Mayes said in an interview, the regular season MVP Stephen – Curitiba, the spirit of selfless help the warriors in the summer Kevin Durant joined the success to attract. In NBA, the superstar play is not easy, OK combination appear contradictory, the heat of the big three in the beginning of the cooperation also encountered problems, but Durant did not mind and Curitiba to share the spotlight, in fact, the recruitment process in the free agent market this summer, Durant was attracted by the selfless curitiba. Recently, the warriors general manager Mayes participated in the program Jim ROM show "in particular talked about the important role played by Durant in the library in the process of recruiting. "If you know Stephen, he’s not conceited. He looked at Kevin and said to him, ‘I want you to join this team.’ In addition, he sent a message to Kevin, said: ‘whether you become MVP or I became MVP, it is not important. We will work together to win the championship. If you end up being MVP, I’ll be sitting in the first row at the press conference to applaud you" Although some thunder Durant will join in the game to steal curry curry, but do not mind. In the past two seasons, the warriors curry rely too much on the offensive end, making him in the playoffs in the physical consumption of too much. It would be great if Durant could help him share some of the pressure. For Durant, to join the warriors such a championship team can increase his chances of winning. "Stephen curry and Kevin Durant can this guy resonate, that is to win is the first. I think Durant felt that, which meant a lot to him." Mayes said. (Rosen)  相关的主题文章: