Wenzhou yesterday, 34 degrees down to a temperature of 18 degrees next week there is a wave of cold melia kreiling

Wenzhou yesterday at 34 this is reduced to 18 DEG C next week there is a wave of cold air and cold air relay before the hot weather yesterday in the city staged "final crazy" drama. Yesterday, the city of Wenzhou, the highest temperature of 34 degrees, only one step away from the hot line, but today the most low temperature will drop to 18 degrees C. Dropped ten degrees Celsius, the cold air came a little fierce. Until late October, the subtropical high is like playing chicken like, has been entrenched and refused to leave. Over the past three days, the city has to break the record of the highest temperature in the same period of two days. Reporters learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the same period in the history of the highest temperature of 29.6 degrees in October 28, 2003, a full lower than yesterday’s low temperature of 4.2 degrees. From the city’s point of view, in addition to Yueqing and Dongtou, other counties (cities, districts) all broken three, Yongjia is to reach the level of 34. Humidity in most areas of up to 80% to 90%, feeling hot. In the face of such unusual weather, many people on the streets of the city yesterday wearing a sleeveless dress. With the cold air fall the first wave of medium strong yesterday evening arrived warm, finally ushered in the long cool. Light rain in the urban area, the temperature gradually decreased, to 19 points the urban temperature dropped to 25.3 degrees C. According to the forecast, the lowest temperature today will be reduced to 18 degrees, the highest temperature of 23 degrees, after a few days gradually lower, the next Wednesday to start the lowest temperature in the city to be reduced to 13 degrees C. Before the wave of cold air just arrived, backup forces had departed. City meteorological station news, the evening of 31, there is a cold air relay before and after the impact of the daily average temperature of the cooling rate of up to 7 ~ 9. Urban and coastal plain area 30 or 31 days in the morning the minimum temperature of up to 17 ~ 19 degrees C, the western mountains of 14 to 16 degrees C, individual alpine area of 13 to 15 degrees C. The minimum temperature will appear in November 2nd or 3 in the morning, the city and the coastal plain area of minimum temperature can reach 13 to 15 DEG C, the western mountainous area 11 to 13 DEG to 11 DEG C 9 individual mountain area. Affected by cold air, up to 30, the city has a north to the northeast wind gust 7-8 level of grade 31; November 2nd to the coast of the sea will be 8 to 10 winds in the process of 9. With two cold air coming in our city, the temperature will probably have to prepare a sudden turn for the worse, Long Johns. Yesterday will not be the last time this year to wear short sleeves? Let us wait and see.相关的主题文章: