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Western media: David De Gea penalty of only 60 million Real Madrid 2018 buy him – Sohu sports David De Gea penalty is only 60 million   November 14th Beijing time, according to the Spanish media "Marca" news, United goalkeeper David De Gea signed the contract in breach of contract is only 60 million euros, this kind of price is not high for the heavyweight players like David De Gea. "Marca" think this is the Real Madrid to sign David De Gea chance, once the time is ripe, Real Madrid 60 million euros is not difficult to buy David De Gea. Real Madrid in the summer of 2015 to David De Gea made an offer, but the deal because "Fax" incident David De Gea halted, desperation can only continue to play at United and signed a new contract with the Reds in 2019 to renew. Although on the surface of Manchester United in a dominant position, but the "Marca" pointed out that the 60 million David De Gea and Manchester United in a contract buyout clause has for the future of David De Gea brought great uncertainty. Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas played well last season, but since the new season, Navas fighting success rate dropped by 12 percentage points, and Navas has been 30 years old, his occupation career has entered the end, so for Real Madrid, David De Gea is still very necessary to introduce. Although Real Madrid because of the ban is likely to buy FIFA signings in the two coming of the transfer window, but in January 2018 the winter window open, hold the two window of Real Madrid will be able to buy one, 60 million euros and the introduction of David De Gea is not difficult. (streamer fly)相关的主题文章: