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Marriage-Wedding Wedding planners, also known as bridal consultants, wedding coordinators, and wedding consultants have existed as long as people have been getting married, although, in the past, their services were mostly free (except for planners hired to work with celebrities and other wealthy people). For the most part, the unpaid wedding planners were friends or family of the bride. They had a natural ability for organizing a successful event, and were asked to help as a favor "" without any expectation of being .pensated for their time and assistance. Wedding planning as a paid profession is relatively new; however, it is a growing profession. With many couples living busy lives away from their immediate families, more brides and grooms are realizing the benefits and freedom of hiring someone to orchestrate their wedding. Many couples now see the value that a wedding planner can bring them both in time and money saved, and in being able to enjoy a stress-free wedding day. What a gift. Wedding planners bring various and colorful skills to the table in terms of making weddings smooth and carefree. Although women make up more than 80% of the wedding planner industry, some men are also gifted in this area. They tend to be highly organized, self-starters, love people, have an eye for detail and flair, and have some background in business or entrepreneurship. They work well under pressure and meet deadlines without falling apart. In fact, it could almost be said that they thrive on multi-tasking. Because they enjoy people, they .municate well and enjoy being among activity. They are usually very sociable and easy to speak with. Over all, they are outgoing, friendly, and extremely detail-oriented. To put it bluntly, they are fun to be around because they get things done seemingly without effort and put everyone at ease while doing it. If your life is crammed full of work, family, school, and other outside .mitments yet you"re planning to get married, a wedding planner could be a tremendous benefit to you. With a little research, you could discover the many ways a wedding planner could be.e your indispensible new best friend. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: