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Internet-Marketing Oxford English Dictionary defines Freelance as a person selling services to various employers. He is a person who is self-employed, and not under a long-term .mitment to a particular employer as an employee. Hence freelance writer is someone who works by themselves on his/her writings and then looks for a publisher to publish them. Technically, the writing of a freelance writer belongs only to him but if he works as per the specification of his/her customer, they may be referred to as Independent Contractors or Ghostwriters. In this case they do not have copyright over their work as the work created is for the employer and they transfer all copyrights to the client upon full payment. To be.e a successful freelance article writer, besides being extremely professional, one must have a good .mand over his language. He needs to be a very good researcher as most of the time he is expected to work on new topics/subjects. Practically it is impossible for any person to have such a wide knowledge on almost every topic. Apart from that he should be innovative and expressive in his writing. To attain recognition in this field, he should have a unique style of presenting his thoughts into words. Additionally he needs to have a good knowledge on various historical events as well as current affairs. Today, the responsibility of a freelance writer varies from writing, copy-editing to proofreading and yes, great researching and .prehensive skills. Most of the times they are asked to write on a new topic. So they should be mentally prepared to write on a pin to pizzaand everything in between. When it .es to freelance article writer and submitter, he just not needs to be excellent in writing but should have a thorough knowledge of various article submission directories and websites. Practically speaking, almost every article submission directory has their own editorial guidelines so they need to be followed to get your articles approved by them. You must have a fair idea of optimum keyword density and placement rules. Depending upon your business niche, you must choose your keywords carefully. There are many free keyword research tools over the internet that you can choose from. Just write free keyword research tool in Google and within no time you will be bombarded with tons of research tools. Once you are done with your keyword research, you must include them in your article titles, in opening paragraphs, in sub-titlesand last but not least in resource box .ments. Dont forget to check your articles on copyscape for plagiarism (I know it is your work and you never copy anything from the Internet, but sometimes you will be surprised to see that your original thoughts match with already published articles). Very importantread it again! Next important thing is to stick to deadlines given by your clients. Yes, you read it correctlyrespect for deadline, as it is one of the most .mon things that is highly un.mon when it .es to freelance article writers. Reasons could be anything, such as sometimes some directories take unexpected extra time to approve their articles, sometimes their server is down, sometimes when you are a new article writer you arent aware of their actual system. What is the resultant? You fail to submit your submission reports on time! No matter, how efficiently and effectively you might have written those articles, but if they were not submitted on time then the entire game plan is of waste. Most clients opt to hire article writers and submitters when they need viral marketing at the launch of their new products or services. The end objective of this strategic battle planning is to generate backlinks and drive more traffic to their websites. So think about it and act wisely. If you know and love what you do then sky is the limit. Sooner or later, you are bound to get successful in the market. People will definitely recognize you and would .e with more and more business. Needless to say, there are numerous advantages of this profession, besides from serving as a good in.e generator, the most relevant one being the presence of flexibility in the work schedule and also the free choice of assignments that can be chosen. The writer can opt for an assignment that appeals to him and which he is .fortable working on with the .pany he wants to work for. Hence, realizing numerous benefits, there is a considerable increase in the writers going the freelance way. The .panies too, prefer to hire them as they prove to be cost effective and efficient enough. The advent of inter. has also played a very important role in development of this profession by serving as a platform where the employer from any part of world can hire a desirable freelance writer. This is the main reason for the development of the concept of International Freelancing and Ghost Writing. Thus, considering the need and benefits of such independent and creative writers, one can only assume that in this instant technological world, this profession has good opportunity to develop and grow into one of the most successful careers of all times. All the bestHappy Freelancing! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: