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Arts-and-Entertainment Today in the modern .petitive era, every business unit wants to boost their sales. For doing this, They are resorting to new ways of displaying their products. This is done through video animation. Many .panies today are using video animations on their websites to increase the interactivity of the customers. This helps to evoke more response about the product from their side. Sometimes, words are not enough to explain the features of a product. In this case animated videos are very useful. This is because they are less time consuming and can create maximum response from the client. Today there are many kinds of videos which are used by business units. These are digital 2D animations,3D animations, live action videos and whiteboard video animation. Such type of animated videos provides a great source of visualization. It has a huge impact on the mind of the customers. The features of the product that are demonstrated with the help of videos are retained in the minds of customers for a long time. White board video animation is basically a blank surface on which the business units can present their products. They can share PowerPoint presentation, animated demonstration to increase the popularity of the product provide ample information. Any business, whether it is small or big, can use such videos to increase their sales of product. White board video animation has be.e the main necessity for a business. It serves as a great marketing tool for them. Because of advancement in the technology now days, a new software has been developed for creating whiteboard video animations. It requires more budget. There are several advantages of using such kind of animations such as: 1. They can be used to explain the functioning of a product visually. The concepts, the sales of products can be demonstrated in a more entertaining way. 2. To create more and more sales, web presence is also very important. In this case, video animations be.e extremely important because they provide plethora of benefits. 3. Today business units do not have much time to explain about their products. It be.es practically impossible for them by continuously creating presentations. So, such kind of animations captivates the attention of the customers in the best possible way. 4. It is a unique way to keep your visitors engaged to the website and increase traffic. The innovative ways that used to create animations can create clarity about the product in the minds of the customers. MAKING AN EFFECTIVE Whiteboard Video Animation Several steps are undertaken to create an effective and creative whiteboard animations like: 1. COLLECTING THE MATERIAL: the first and foremost thing is to collect all the relevant material like whiteboard, marker, eraser, camera and a tripod. By this you can draw the product which you need to show. You can make the use of eraser to modify the product. Lastly, you need to always take a screenshot of every action. 2. You also need to create movements for an effective visualization to capture more attention of the customers. This is also done by doing artistic drawing, and requires expertise. Snapshots are taken at every step. 3. After taking all the snapshots you need to download them into your .puter. After creating a sequence of all the images, you can import all of them and insert them respectively. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: