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Why did my sister go to the door and play 419 with honest brother? In "on campus", to maintain the body and Itou Makoto long is saionji world and Kato Otome, but the black light field and Koizumi Natsumi girl and brother had no feelings, but come to 419 relations. What will the woman under what circumstances, and not based on feelings of the male sex relationship? [5] 419 reason first relations: by 34.8% second potential wine: the atmosphere is just 21.7% third: on the other side with 17.4% third (TIE): 17.4% lonely fifth: the other 8.7% according to the survey results, as it will occur 419 or social relationship with the boys of the majority of the people sure enough, alcohol on the brain, we are not living under the body. The atmosphere is also very important, as it is prone to ogle each other this relationship. And the choice of other girls is because of their boyfriends’ dissatisfaction, so they want to look for people on the Internet. Or the other is his former boyfriend haven’t met in a long time, a dry faggot on a blazing fire. There are also people who want to retaliate society, and they have been treated unfairly before losing weight. But no matter what causes 419 relationships, more than 8 women say they won’t regret. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works.

妹子为什么肯乖乖送上门,和诚哥玩419?在《日在校园》中,长期和伊藤诚保持肉体关系的是西园寺世界和加藤乙女,但黑田光和小泉夏美等妹子和诚哥没有感情,却自动送上门发生419关系。妹子究竟会在什么情况下,和没有感情基础的男生发生这种嘿咻关系呢?【发生419关系的5大理由】第1位:借着酒势 34.8%第2位:气氛刚好 21.7%第3位:对对方有好感 17.4%第3位(并列):太寂寞了 17.4%第5位:其他 8.7%根据调查结果,因为酒会或联谊而与男生发生419关系的人占大多数,果然酒精一上脑,大家都管不住下半身了。气氛也很重要,彼此眉来眼去之际很容易发生这种关系。而选择其他的妹子,则是因为对男朋友的不满,因此想在网络找人劈腿。或者对方是自己的前男朋友,好久不见干柴烈火。还有人是想报复社会,自己在减肥前遭受了不公平的对待。但不管出于什么原因发生419关系,有8成女性表示不会后悔。点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品。相关的主题文章: