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Software Warehouse Management System is traditionally based on Barcode scanning and integration. Traditional WMS is external application with rich Supply Chain, Warehouse Management, Consignment, Light Assembly business logic and its price typically starts at twenty thousand dollars for basic package. However, if you already have Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly this corporate ERP application was known as Great Plains Dynamics, eEnterprise or earlier versions as Dynamics C/S+) the chances are high that you already own several GP modules from distribution set: Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Control, Bill of Materials and probably Purchase Configurator. And if you do you already have Warehouse Management logic available directly in Dynamics GP. All you need to do is to enable Great Plains screens and objects for Barcoding, and this is the subject of our small publication: 1.Enabling Dynamics GP SOP, POP, Inventory objects for Barcode scanning. In theory every ERP application is ready for Barcoding, as barcode scanning is similar to entering letters and digits directly via .puter keyboard. Barcode integration often requires batch mode documents upload or .bining several scans in the integrations; both of these methods require custom programming. We re.mend you the approach, where you do not pay second time for SCM logic in External Warehouse Management System and instead open Dynamics GP for Barcode integration 2.How WMS works in Dynamics GP. Sales Order Fulfillment is typically automated in SOP Order or Invoice with manual line allocation. In WMS integration wizard you will need to link WMS order with SOP Order Type with Manual Allocation. ERP or Inventory Stock Replenishment. Here you deal with POP Purchase Receipt, open for Barcode scanning with matching to existing purchase orders (or you may decide to enable receipt without PO). Inventory routines, such as intersite transfer, stock count in GP you have these logic available in Inventory Transaction window (adjustment, transfer, cycle count) 3.Alba Spectrum WMS module with Supply Chain Management extensions. WMS works directly out of Dynamics GP tables and creates documents in Great Plains. It has WMS server, which talks to Dynamics GP via ODBC connection (LAN Ethernet, Wireless, or Optical Ethernet for larger organizations). Plus WMS client application is designed to work directly on Barcode scanner. We tried to make Barcode scanner client interface extremely simple, doing one step at the time that simplicity should facilitate warehouse worker training. Module is friendly to international environments and works with multicurrency documents, if required. SCM add-ons allow you to optimize consignment merchandise delivery truck route, as one of the popular features 4.Warehouse Management System implementation nuances. First of all, we should set the expectations WMS typically require modifications, as mid-size and large organizations with high Supply Chain Management automation expectations often have unique business requirements. However, the good news is our WMS is integrated with Dynamics GP by its architecture, as it is not External. We heard numerous stories from unhappy customers, where they indicate that External WMS system integration failed or went over budget this is where you need to do your homework in WMS selection 5.How to get more info? Please, call us 1-866-528-0577 or internationally 1-630-961-5918. You can email us [email protected] Our Great Plains, Warehouse Management and Barcoding consultants speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian. We provide local service in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, and we implement GP, WMS, SCM USA, Canada nationwide and internationally 6.Few words on Dynamics GP implementation internationally. If you already have it in US headquarters, you can use it for international subsidiaries, assuming that the SQL/GP server resides in your Headquarters. You should be familiar with the term Corporate ERP localization. To simplify the explanation it typically means two things: local language support and .pliance with local country tax and reporting legislation. Great Plains, or as it is known currently Microsoft Dynamics GP is localized in English speaking countries, Quebec (in French Canadian), Spanish (Mexico, Caribbean, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Central America, Uruguay, Paraguay), in Arabic with some localization. Also, GP is translated into numerous languages (without tax .pliance aspect): Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese (including Brazil), Korean, Dutch, Swedish. It is reasonably simple to translate it to other popular languages, such as Russian, just give us your language requirements 7.SAP Business One as localized alternative internationally. If you only care about Warehouse Management for your international facility, language support might be enough. However, if you plan to sell your products overseas, you may have to consider targeted country tax code .pliance. If you are .mitted to Microsoft Dynamics platform, please check on Dynamics AX (formerly known as Axapta). AX might be good solution for high end manufacturing or distribution facility. If your international branch is pretty modest we re.mend you to look at SAP Business One. SAP B1 is localized in most of the countries (except Arabic speaking by its historical reasons). There are WMS products available from Alba Spectrum or other providers, integrated with Dynamics GP, AX or SAP Business One. WMS typically integrates as we already mentioned with SOP, POP, Inventory modules and you do GL consolidation for your subsidiary in FRx (SB1 exports General Ledger Trial Balance to Excel and you can hook Excel worksheet in FRx Row Format). Another option would be deploying Dynamics GP Integration Manager to move GL transactions from SB1 to shadow .pany in GP for GL consolidated reporting 8.Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management. International business often gives you very creative scenarios and requires innovative thinking. Sea Shipping with its Bill of Lading, e.merce ordering with delivery from China or South Asian warehouses, Custom Clearance, Consignments, International Insurance are popular requirements for Multinational .pany Corporate ERP implementation About the Author: 相关的主题文章: