Women love to buy a bag of money to steal back to the 23 known as addiction in general (Figure)-stand by me shinee

Women love package did not have money to buy 23 steal back said as addictive general (map) original title: women love package does not have the money to buy 23 steal back said as addictive general (map) package morning news, the afternoon of March 6th this year, the occurrence of theft cases of Chengyang Trade City D area two building a children’s clothing store, a woman to pick the child choose clothes, suddenly found in a store bag is missing. Stolen is an orange rudder bird leather wallet, worth about 1000 yuan. Police retrieved surveillance found that before the incident, a middle-aged woman who entered the shop, the woman will not buy clothes, just wandering in the shop, a long time, the owner will not pay any attention to her. According to the characteristics of a woman suspected, the police on the trade city merchants issued a warning forecast, at the same time, strengthen the inspection arrangements plainclothes. During the National Day holiday, business city of dense traffic, Chengyang police station Fanpa team in conjunction with the market site inspections. October 4th at 2 pm, the players received a police situation, a woman suspected of theft was blocked in a clothing store. Police learned that before the incident, the store a few customers, the customer to the inside of the fitting, he will carry the bag in the clothes rack, the woman took the opportunity to steal the purse, was left in a hurry, the owner found suspicious, he shouted to containment. The woman was taken back to the police station, according to Yuan Mou confession, since March this year, the implementation of the crime of theft 6. Then the police in the home and found the stolen goods, after the inventory, a handbag, bag, wallet and other mobile phone 23, 13. When the police asked her why steal so many bags, Yuanmou said their love package, see others with different styles and colors of the package, just want to have a can, it is not so much money to buy, so he walked, who knows a break will get out of hand, seems to be addicted to general. The reporter learned yesterday, Yuanmou has been Chengyang police criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (reporter correspondent Wang Tao Luan Yunhai photo coverage) source: Qingdao Morning Post editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: