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Xiamen BRT a small group of pregnant women accounted for love seat card or try to ignore Ms. Chen: I am 7 months pregnant, two days ago from Lianban station on the BRT line 3. When the crane not too many people, but the seats have been filled. Love is a young man on the seat, and the other is about 60 years old uncle. The young man looked at me and continued to play. I can only grasp the handrail next to the love seat. After a while, the original look out of the window and saw my uncle, immediately got up and offered his seat. Here, I would like to once again thank the good uncle. Also hope that the young people in need of help, they have the ability to help, do not pretend not to see. (October 31st "channel gazette") is not only the seat, also accounted for the old and sick pregnant special seat, this phenomenon is not uncommon in now. Of course, this is not trivial, which reflects the lack of many qualities, such as consideration for others, respect and care, awareness of social responsibility, dedication, and this is bound to affect the overall development of personality, and may even cause life and values distorted. Let more and more people, especially young people develop the habit of the seat, to persevere the moral advocacy mechanism but also need an incentive. In spite of the moral person, do good is the inevitable requirement of inner moral experience not only altruistic, also get the spirit of joy, the so-called "gifts of roses, hand a fragrance, will not do such a good thing because there is reward seat. But in more people, the state of mind may not be able to achieve this level, if you can get a reward, the seat of the "pay" will see the "return", it is helpful to arouse the enthusiasm of their seat. Now, many cities have such feedback mechanism". Such as the establishment of the seat card, each seat once awarded a seat card, get the required number of cards, can be a free ride, the significance is that social behavior for the seat of the recognition, encourage people’s moral pursuit, thus forming a virtuous cycle of social atmosphere. Although this will make many people get out of the "materialization" reward motivation and seats, but on the one hand, after all, the more people participate in the seat, seat activities can continue to "heat" on the other hand, subtle influence, will let them return the value of desalination material "the seat of a habit. In the face of the need to give people a little less, how to pretend to see? In Xiamen, when there is a certain distance from the seat has "feedback mechanism" may be worth a try.相关的主题文章: