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Yang Kuisong: [Abstract] Yang Kuisong defeat the KMT in the political: since the Anti Japanese War, the KMT has been in all aspects of political and military struggle to fight. But no matter who, have to say a word of "Tao", that is, to do for their own sake. Author: Yang Kuisong was about to read "this" Kyushu Press published in 1949, the KMT retreated to Taiwan, "leaving the ancestral home" is often used to describe Jiang Jieshi’s mood at that time. Sixty years later, we look at how the Kuomintang’s failure in politics, is destroyed by its own autocracy and corruption, or as a result of Japan’s aggression, or because of the Communist Party of China "interpretation of contemporary A just cause enjoys abundant support.? Expert on the history of Yang Kuisong, so that we can easily jump out of" Losers are always in the wrong. logic to think about this problem. ". Visitor: in the past one hundred years, China has experienced three major regime change, the first is the revolution of 1911 overthrew the rule of the Qing Dynasty, and then overthrew the Kuomintang warlords, the Kuomintang was finally replaced the achievement of a new Chinese. How do you see the transition status and role of Kuomintang in the one hundred years of historical change? Yang Kuisong: the Sun Zhongshan revolution for many years, was founded in 1894 from xingzhonghui, until 1924, nearly thirty years of repeated repeated bashing, almost always fail. After 1924, the full implementation of the "Soviet Union is" policy, the revolution quickly became great in strength and impetus, thriving. Even if Sun Zhongshan died in 1925, Chinese Kuomintang still successfully led the national revolution and the northern expedition. In the same year China large range of foreign powers, common warlords, the Kuomintang has no such in politics and the concept of relatively easy agglomeration of Nationalist forces of political and military organizations, to be in a relatively short period of time to have a split national new unity, is certainly not possible. This is why, even in the internal division, and that the class struggle of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party case part company each going his own way, is still able to successfully gather considerable force, the overthrow of the Northern Warlords regime, established since the revolution of 1911, only a few in the form to get the recognition of the central government. Also, whatever the name to the central government of Nanjing local warlords against the military power of central government how to unify with Jiang Jieshi as the representative of the efforts, they are also difficult to win against the Chinese people and the public sympathy and support. This contest has lasted ten years, the central government of Nanjing has been seriously challenged by the Japanese invasion of the separatist warlords around the remnants of the phenomenon still has considerable inhibition. It is precisely because of the Kuomintang regime to strengthen the unity of China, in order to have the war of resistance against Japan and the promotion of China’s international status. In fact, these also provide important conditions for the survival, development and victory of the Communist Party of china. I particularly want to point out that, because we are unable to understand the history simply with "Losers are always in the wrong." logic. After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the invasion of China the biggest problem is the division of the country and Japan and erode. There is not a unified central government, and more than a few "Twenty-one", and then a few more "Manchuria" also produced. At that time, even if.相关的主题文章: