Yiwu itchy skin allergy patients admitted to the hospital in the middle of the night webquest

Yiwu patients with allergic skin itching in the middle of the night to the hospital the seasons, all kinds of discomfort to sensitive "staged". Some people even cry because of allergic urticaria appeared more flexible and more itching, itching intolerable. Some doctors, seasonal allergic urticaria and seizures are common symptoms of skin medication can alleviate severe episodes of urticaria should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. A number of sets of real estate in Yiwu Lee business for many years, in addition to the resident townhouse, recently bought a house just renovated. On weekends, he took his family to new homes. Not long after he lived in the house, he felt uncomfortable. That night, Mr. Li was a red rash, feeling throat tight, dysphagia. In the middle of the night, because he had difficulty breathing, systemic edema and the family was sent to the Yiwu Chouzhou hospital. The doctor said that the situation is likely to be a new house in the air filled with formaldehyde caused him to have an acute urticaria. "Skin allergies, urticaria is the most common." Deputy director of the Yiwu Department of Dermatology, director of Chouzhou hospital physician Yang Shaoru said, often called the urticaria wheal, its incidence is very high, everyone has the opportunity to get sick, and sensitive physical, genetic factors. Infection, contact, physical effects (such as friction, heat, light, water, etc.), pressure, can produce urticaria. However, seven or eight of urticaria is unable to find the exact allergen, was classified as chronic idiopathic urticaria. These chronic idiopathic urticaria, because it is hard to find, usually lasts long, with anti histamine drugs can temporarily disable control, and recurrence, repeated difficult. "Most of the hives only show on the skin, but not so do not pay attention to, still its development, because the development of upgrade, can lead to serious laryngeal edema, asphyxia and so death." Yang Shaoru said that some people have a serious attack to the internal organs of urticaria, because of the performance of stomach pain, it was said to be misdiagnosed as other diseases. "Seafood, egg, formaldehyde, pollen, hair, dust mites, are common allergens." Yang Shaoru said that although most urticaria can not find the exact allergen, but as long as you can find a reason or to try to find, that is, to identify the cause of its allergens, to avoid contact. To identify allergens, usually need patch test. The patch test is helpful to determine the allergen of dermatitis and eczema patients, know what to avoid contact with allergens after.相关的主题文章: