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Yongchang’s first win away to three minutes too late to avoid relegation continued life on their own – Yongchang sports Sohu 2-0 Jianye Mathews free from slip kneeling celebrate long season is approaching the end, at the bottom of the Shijiazhuang of Yongchang at the edge of the road of vital importance, for the first time to taste the taste of victory. Game victory over Henan Jianye got three points, Shijiazhuang Yongchang came to the integral 27 points, coincidentally, his relegation rivals Changchun Yatai away is also "accidental" got three points, as a result, Yongchang still with 27 points located in the vice monitor position, but at the same time, Yongchang Yatai and winning the the League left 2 cases, the echelon situation becomes more perplexing. This is the Yongchang away to Henan Jianye Jianye navigation stadium fraught with grim possibilities, because the devil before the 13 home court, home court this season, Jianye 8 wins and 2 draws only 3 negative, 2 home court winning China and recent Luneng, Jia Xiuquan’s team was able to advance to avoid relegation by strong home court. And in stark contrast, is the only one this season, the team did not win the game, 13 league games away from 5 flat and negative 8. But the advance echelon successfully Jianye is obviously Wuyuwuqiu, Yongchang needs three points for their continued life in the super. It is somewhat surprising is, always not good road in Yongchang after just 5 minutes scored, Jianye team Li Xiaoming Disembarrassing kicked out, Mathews ball pole lob score. The goal for Yongchang this season is one of the few away first had accounted for the initiative, and eightieth minutes of Zhao Rongheng’s goal for the team to win the match. While the Yongchang soldiers to get away valuable three points and celebrate at the same time, their relegation rivals Yatai in stoppage time by a very reluctantly penalty lore Liaoning, is also a valuable road to get three points, as a result, Yongchang get rid of vice monitor desire will fall out. Yongchang Yatai and the victory is completely messed up this year’s relegation situation, two teams after winning the score reached 29 points and 27 points, this also means that with 33 points and two teams did not completely Luneng TEDA ashore. The plot 32 points distant foot and Yanbian, the situation becomes serious, the super There was no parallel in history. League remaining 2 cases, formed 7 team avoid relegation situation. In the Champions League had already lost suspense under the condition of fierce battle against relegation between the teams, will be the final season in this aspect. (radium and)相关的主题文章: