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Zhang Chengdong ended the 2 day return from injury in football because of the lack of training the first traffic jam – Sohu sports Kunming Xinhua News Agency late November 12th sports news (reporter Yue Ranran) 12 days, preparing for the World Cup Asian zone 12 finals of the Orangemen to start training in Kunming Haigeng base, the team for the first time was late because of the traffic jam, the absence of training for two consecutive days of the return of Zhang Chengdong. 12 days of training plan from the beginning of 15:30, because the traffic jam from the hotel to the base, the team was late for five minutes. Lippi Bea Staro first admission, and quickly began to decorate, his hand began to put dozens of fluorescent mark plate, suddenly, he went straight to the sidelines of the media, smiled and waved to reporters, this is he to Kunming for the first time after the active exchange with reporters. Reporters have speculated that Lippi may be late for the team apologized. May be for late compensation, training for the media to open 20 minutes. During this time, the players are still wearing a black vest to monitor heart rate and running distance. The leg due to slight injury, Zhang Chengdong missed two days of training, he appeared in court today, and run in the physical coach, looks good. The other 24 players are divided into two groups to grab the warm-up laps. Within the circle of two players do steals, the rest of the team do pass, the loser is not the same as in the past to do push ups, but funny to do before the roll.相关的主题文章: