Zhangqiu advocates rural tourism activation poverty village colorful village mapping poverty cibi

Zhangqiu rural tourism advocates "activate" impoverished village   "colorful mountain village" mapping "get rid of dawn" – Shandong Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Ji’nan in October 10, in October, cenglinjinran, is shrouded in prosperous festive atmosphere in the eighteen Village deep in the mountains. The streets clean and tidy, clusters of lanterns swaying, approaching the enthusiasm of villagers greeted the guests. After a lapse of less than half the time, the village full of vigor and vitality of refreshing. During the National Day this year, as Zhangqiu tourism poverty alleviation and development of the "colorful village" one of the eighteen village farmhouse Hostel, attract a lot of tourists. According to preliminary statistics, only eighteen sets, the East Village of the car, the seven day of the reception of 4800 people, catering accommodation tourists of 430 people, catering accommodation income of $42 thousand. Local people popular local products, eighteen farmers most of the 7 days of income of more than 3000 yuan. Located in the mountains, transportation difficulties, lack of resources and practical difficulties, also let the eighteen and impoverished village with a similar predicament. Things turn for the better, but also from the precise poverty alleviation, Zhangqiu actively explore the tourism industry to promote poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation and development of tourism, a new way. Village Tour "activate" poverty village, through the "Travel + poverty" to create a "colorful village", the advantages of resources beaded chain, impoverished village turned gorgeous tourism village. At the same time, the development of poverty alleviation of rural tourism to stimulate the agricultural products out of the mountains, and continue to attract tourists, stimulate consumption, promote employment, so as to promote the "double poverty village out of poverty". "Colorful mountain village" usher in foreign "colorful village" is the Zhangqiu city to build the "rural tourism and poverty alleviation project, different characteristics of the 5 poor villages around the mountains in the southern mountains, East and West eighteen wheel carriage car, small stone tiger, in the west, and gradually build a comprehensive carrier of tourism as the theme of the Huashan, stone village, springs, fields, forests". At present, build eight huts and two houses, many farmhouse. As early as in a week before the arrival of National Day, B & B are booked, filled the whole holiday, but also attracted foreign tourists to experience. Pam from the United States is a University of foreign teachers, asked how to play here, Pam bluntly said: I am very excited, very excited. I worked in Ji’nan for three years, for the first time to such a remote mountain village, found my childhood feeling." In the village next to the farmhouse, 75 year old villager Wu Xizhi laughingly said, his family’s farmhouse on the home front, the National Day reception visitors more than and 180 tables, 7 day turnover reached 20 thousand yuan, net profit of 5000 yuan, 3 sheep, more than and 20 own domesticated chickens are local materials". Now talk about life, the old man said very satisfied, flat-panel LCD TV, washing machine has long been used, recently bought a freezer, in addition to selling cold drinks can also be home to tourists. In retrospect, the old man said, his old, heavy labor did not move, the original 6 acres of upland, hard work one year income four thousand yuan, it is difficult to live. And now, in addition to farmhouse income, as well as 6 acres of land to go out of the annual net income of $4800, plus walnut, millet and other agricultural products revenue, income now reached more than 2 yuan. Products sell a good price)相关的主题文章: