Zhengzhou, a big wave of bus lines will be removed from the two lines (video) dxperience

Zhengzhou becomes a big adjustment of bus lines will withdrawal two lines – reporter Han Jinyi correspondent Cui Chen Washington to facilitate travel, since November 23rd, Zhengzhou two bus companies to open 21 new road, 28 Road, 962 shuttle bus, shuttle bus, shuttle bus station express road 97 Road, 6 road bus optimization extension, and withdrawal 95 Road, 282 road bus. At the end of the first site to open 21 new road interval for Liu Zhuang in Huayuan Road, Huayuan Road Zijingshan, departure time: 6:40-20:50, route: Huayuan Road, three road, Zhongzhou Road, Dongfeng Road, three road, red road, Huayuan Road. Open 28 new road at the end of the first interval, site: Provincial Sports Center – innovation building; departure time: 6:10-21:20; route: Changxin Road, North Sanhuan, suoling Road, song zhainan, fengle Road, Dongfeng Road, Museology, Baimiao Road, cultural road. At the end of the first site to open 962 new interval — Zijingshan Huayuan Road Dong Zhao bus station; departure time: 6:40-20:20; route: Cultural Road, three road, Huayuan Road. At the end of the first site to open 97 New Road Station Express to the North Third Ring Road – Sha Kou Civil Aviation Garden Bus Station; departure time: 6:10-20:50; route: North Sanhuan (Singlong shop bus station), sandy road, Dongfeng Road, Dongfeng Road, nine road, such as agricultural road, Tianrui street. Decided to optimize the extension on the 6 bus, the first and last time invariant, the site changes at the end of the first train station bus station to Dong Zhao; line adjustment: Cultural Road, 27 Road, (uplink: Jiefang Road, Fushou street, Datong Road), a playground (downward: Road, street, Fu Shou Jie, is Xing Jie). In addition, the withdrawal of 95 Road, bus No. 282. Video: Zhengzhou bus drivers rescue sick old man willing to be punished retrograde相关的主题文章: