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Zhu Ting attackefficiency minimum stay back to serve the reform movement troubles encountered Yong – Sohu   sports; Beijing time on November 3rd, 2016-2017 women’s volleyball Super League season game for the first round of soil, tile Keifer bank home court sits in three straight sets 3-0 zero closure Galatasaray, following the earlier in the second round to sweep 3-0 promoted Masailamikesang after won the two game winning streak. The world cup and the Olympic Games 7 double MVP Zhu Ting starting three Bureau of Houston, Holland and Serbia comparative scoring when Sloate Jess Rasic won the 15 points with the font displays averagely, the success rate of attacks to a minimum 39% inefficient team, also because of the reform movement to send probe. The first 3 slow 7 points last season with the lowest team offensive efficiency of soil over fourth Galatasaray, from Chinese team Zhu Ting was entrusted with the task, served as the main starting three account 7 points. The United States and gozde diagonal Hill each scored 6 and 3 points, Ackerman font and Rasic Serbia were won 10 and 15 points, Holland – Sloate Jess scored 15 points, Toni in Italy – piano for Galatasaray with 13 points. Statistics from the point of view, Zhu Ting scored a comparison of the scoring of the king of and Serbia, the state of the game slightly depressed Rasic. Specific to the attack data, Zhu Ting total spike 18 times, hit 7 times, errors and lost 2 times, the conversion success rate hovering mediocre play in 38.88%, after deducting error scores down to 27.78% efficiency. Look at the other teammates watts Keifer bank, Serbia Rasic 12, 9 buckle 75%, font Ackerman, Hill, Holland, the United States the main gozde Slovenia Jess were 55%, 50%, 46% and 45%, Zhu Ting whether success rate or efficiency is the lowest scoring team, need to adjust the state look back yong. A coach is changed to send probe in to worry about Zhu Ting in the game a total of serve 11 times, 1 times and scored no mistakes in Houston, but Ping Chong made up work serve round, especially in the first game by 0-4 into a passive, it is thanks to the China heavy ball wheel and imminent counter ultra. Slightly unfortunately, Zhu Ting failed to score in the block links more good, but by virtue of effective support for his teammates to win against the opportunity. The return of serve, Zhu Ting success rate and the arrival rate is respectively 67% and 44%, is to remove the font Rasic and Ackerman 100% and efficient. However, the receiving data of Zhu Ting’s dialectical view, in the 9 pass only in 1 turnovers, and there is a direct send probe. A comparison of the main gozde 22 times, the success rate was 55% and the place was 32%, free people receiving Erlanger 13 times, and the success rate in place rate is 38% and 31%, Zhu Ting – as the main task is not heavy, even to the diagonal and free access and the formation of the main protection. Similarly, the United States as the main Hill success rate was 100%, but only a 4 times and no reference value. For the love of Zhu Ting went overseas in the Club World Cup and earth Super League, yet with the renewal of the women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping China "in addition to comment)相关的主题文章: